Monday, 30 April 2012

The New Yorker and the brilliant drawn covers..shame its hidden by a flap!!

These images are very strong....imaginative...clever..beautiful...thought provoking 
see link and see what I mean..

The one thing that I hate is when the flap of the New Yorker telling you what is inside obscures the cover drawing...the picture is much more important to me then the text on the just ruins it...
All the talent of the artist hidden!!
What a shame!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

We now know the artist to Loser is Tony Goffe thanks to Lew Stringer and Niblet!!

Whizzer and chips 1st May 1976 ..a Chip-ites

Buster and Jet 17th March 1973
A story which shows sometimes the people you hate are not as bad as even worse people!! 
I'm enjoying these longer humour comic stories..
Tony drew adverts for comics.. 

and also drew Cor!! comic's Stoneage Brit Ancient Nit 

He must of drawn other characters..anyone know of more he drew I can add to the blog..

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I thought Terry Bave drew all the Odd Ball strips in Whizzer and chips!!

Whizzer and chip's 1970
From the few 1970 issues I have it looks a little bit like Tony Goffe's work but I'm not sure. Lew Stringer from comicsuk forum

Terry Bave created the character But only started drawing Odd ball in 1973 quite a few years later. So Wiki and other websites/blogs need to update there info. 

Odd Ball in these strips stayed more a ball shape But grew arms and legs. Also the strip and drawing has a childlike quality. Note Odd Ball has a policeman staying the shape of a ball! 

UPDATE Can anyone help and tell me who the artist is?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Ultimate Beano summer special 2 WHSmiths

Yippee!! there is an issue 2!!

This time other than The Beano summer special the issue includes Bananaman from his own summer special and the Numbskulls and Fred's Bed from The Beezer summer special also The Beano comic. Which is a good move..still hoping they'll do a Dandy summer special issue!:)

Buy it now in WHSmiths.. if only Fleetway could do the same with Buster..Whizzer and chips..etc.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The first Odd Ball in Whizzer and chips number 1 1969

This strip isn't drawn by Terry Bave ..that came a few years later..which I'm sure many of us have made that mistake! Though Terry and his wife Shelia did create the character...the same with Chalky But didn't draw it.
Terry started drawing it in 1973. Terry had loads to draw in Whizzer and chips already!!

This character like Slippy and Shiner (Shiner arrived in issue 2!) appeared right throughout Whizzer and chips and making into the merger of Buster so an important strips.

Many of us loved Odd Ball and it being able to transform into things was better as a ball which every kid had and could relate to..Box a tricks..a box which did many things from a box which was independent didn't have the connection. Maybe its the face on the ball which gave it personality and fun. Box a tricks had no face and it was very mechanicial and felt dangerous. Maybe its an unfair comparison but I'm showing why Odd Ball was a big hit with kids.

Who was the first artist on Odd Ball can anyone help?
Thanks Andy its Mike Lacey...But who drew it after before Terry bave took over..I'll show example soon..

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Reg Parlett's first comic work for Whizzer and chips number 1

Two Simple premises But lots of stories came out of it especially in Harry's Haunted House.
The Mummy's Curse didn't run for long...does anyone have the ending they could email to me..does the Mummy capture them or do they become friends..or the Mummy meets his relatives?

Les Barton also drew some Harry's Haunted House later on..Harry was in the Chip;s section. 
I like his patch on his bottom! :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Spectacular NEW adventures of Willie Bunk Whoopee Frank McDiarmid

Heres the new adventures starting in Whoopee!! 12th Sept 1981 its interesting to compare with the original..

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Frank McDiarmid's first Willie Bunk from Whizzer and chips number 1.. 1969

18th October 1969 Whizzer and chips number 1

I like Willie Bunk its a fun idea and like the use of colour to show you what Willie sees..
New adventures appeared in Whoopee in the early 80's still by Frank..

It shows the different styles that Frank has from comic to adventure..

Original art- Jack Edward Oliver's Cliff Hanger Star (Wars) Warts!

I love looking at my original art so worth the money...I also have a original art of Tom Thug by Lew and I constantly looking at it on my wall so I recommend it to you all to buy one of a favourite artist..

This is my new purchase and at over £30 it was well worth it from ebay..
This is amazing as Jack drew this actual size rather than twice as big..also he drew it on normal paper rather than thick card..Jack said it was to save postage..Jack did like to save money as much as possible...he also told me he saved pen ink drawing small:)

In the first panel I've been trying to work out this...I'm stuck..
On the shuttle it says syad seuth si loba
I worked out two words first is backwards Days and the small word is--is
can anyone work this out...Jack loved puzzles..

Jack drew so neat I couldn't see any whitening...

Also pleased the small three panels different endings are also wtth the piece..also look at all the monsters in panel much thought and work went into this..

I'm glad I can call Jack a friend and I really miss him even now..glad to go to his Wedding and he and Liz went to my Wedding party 2005. Also had a good long chat with him at his house talking about many things and enjoyed his company and his beans on toast:)

That last one has my name upside down made to look like numbers on Cliff's jumper..brilliant..
I also have a original Fresco comic strip which has in the first panel about Carol and I getting was reused the strip as Charles and Camilla getting married..

All of these are on my wall...thanks Jack they do make me smile..

Thanks to George!!! for the idea for this post..also for helping me turn off the lightbox feature on blogger so now you can click on my images and they get bigger rather than a small slideshow..
Hope everyone else can turn off this lightbox feature..unless your images are small anyway..

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter from Whizzer and chips 1981!!

I always liked the colouring and pattern of Slippy..also clever how Mike Lacey drew the underbelly in panel 3..also panel 4 looks very complicated to draw...
I'm so glad i was in the era to enjoy Whizzer and chips what a top fun comic..
Jack Edward Oliver's The Champ also sharing the cover..

The panels are nicely balanced on the page even though they are whacky shapesand Sid Burgon sure didn't just draw rectangle boxes...I like how characters are outside the panel...

Some awful puns by Odd Ball..Terry Bave did some great popular strips..

Is that against human rights for the captured villain!!;) A lot of artists in this comic sure did some unusual panels...Robert Nixon is known for it..he has a great 3D style very solid looking characters..

A lovely spring poster...Gordon Hill..I like posters with a bit of thought into them..

The stories were quite clever..

Reg Parlett in top form...lets hope those toys stay toys!!

Have a wet Bank holiday:)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Leo Baxendale's The Bash Street kids

This is one of the last Leo drew in 1962 before David Sutherland took over and drew them in colour..

To my mind Leo's Bash Street tended to be rather more manic and over-the-top than David's version, which in turn had it's own brand of comic inventiveness.

In some ways Leo suffered from having developed an instantly-appealing style that was relatively easy to imitate. Thus, when he suddenly disappeared from the pages of the Beano in August 1962 hardly anybody noticed as Dave Sutherland, Ron Spencer, Jim Petrie and Bob McGrath managed to continue the Bash Street Kids, Little Plum, Minnie the Minx and the Three Bears (more than a quarter of the entire comic!) as if nothing had happened!

To my mind Leo specialized in grand set-pieces and tableaux whereas Dave was more of a natural storyteller. I don't think the latter ever crammed quite as much insane detail into a single panel as Leo managed to include in this late Bash Street page from 1962, shortly before the changeover.

Of course, one important thing to remember about Leo's style is the way in which it evolved constantly throughout his career - something that his more slavish imitators (amongst whom, to be fair, I don't count Dave!) never managed.

- Phil Rushton

Phil has some really good observations from the comicsuk forum and I wanted to show them here..also check out the link for some great pictures of the Bas Street kids..

Monday, 2 April 2012

David Sutherland drawing the Bash street kids from 1962 and today!!

from the earliest one David Sutherland drawn in 1962..

Beano 25th Feb 2012
to today's Beano he is still a top artist..look at all the expressions hes used...a great funny story..
We are celebrating top talent David Sutherland here at comicsuk forum..

I hope I will get to meet David one day when I do go up north to Scotland for a holiday..


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